One of the oldest healing arts, massage therapy is more than a luxury, it is vital for our well-being.
Massage is often recommended during physical rehabilitation because it boosts circulation, reduces muscle aches and pain, and increases range of movement.




Prenatal MASSAGE






Hot Stone Massage







Enhance your massage with one of our treatment add-ons.  


Foot Treatment - $15 Learn

gentle foot exfoliation followed by a warm steam towel treatment.

Cupping - $15 Learn

Use of customized suction cups to increase blood flow to promote healing

Full Body Aromatherapy - $10 Learn

Select one of six essential oil blends to relax, balance and harmonize the body. Oils are diffused in the treatment room to enhance your senses and integrated into massage oil or lotion to further promote the healing benefits.

Prenatal Massage Belly Treatment - $20 Learn

The Belly Treatment Add-On is a 15 minute service added on to a prenatal massage that offers extra hydration and gentle exfoliation to the expectant mother’s growing belly.

Hot Stone Add-on - $20 Learn

Use of stones in the massage for larger areas of the body that need additional heat & pressure

Back Polish - $15 Learn

Exfoliating and softening treatment for that hard to reach back. Helps relieve congested or dry areas to relveal smooth brighter skin.

Detoxifying Oil - $10 Learn

Cleanse skin and body with this healing blend of essential oils that help stimulate circulation, release impurities, support the immune system, fight inflammation and ease muscular pain.