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Waxing & Tinting: Smooth, healthy SKIN.

Get smooth, healthy skin for all areas of the body with our professional, highly qualified and experienced waxing professionals, to give you the best results and best look.

Waxing tips for clients:

  1. Allow 2 weeks of growth without shaving before booking, allow 3 weeks for legs (Our hair grows in three layers and this allows all three layers of hair to grow in preventing new stubble days after the appt.)

  2. Do not wax if you use retinol or other skin thinning products or medications

  3. Skin is more sensitive during menstruations so keep that in mind, more redness and pain are possible during that time


Chin or
Upper Lip


EYEBROw or Ear
Or Nose or Cheeks




Full Face




 French Bikini






Arms or
Under Arms




Partial Back

$35 and up

Full Back

$55 and up

Partial Leg

$40 and up

Full Leg

$75 and Up

Lash or Brow


Lash and Brow